Friday 25 May 2018
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CRMs for the Auto motive industry

Do you ever wonder how car dealerships handle to constant flow of new customers and maintain a relationship with previous ones? It seems very daunting to think about. With the many different departments working solely on different aspects of seeing you a car. Most if not all major dealerships have some sort of CRM to handle all of these issues. But, what is a CRM and how does it work? Both are good question that I will answer. But, let’s look at what dealerships did before CRMs. First of all, information about financing, possible leads and customer relationships. Were all handled independently from one another and caused conflict of information. It is because of this reason that Automotive CRMs (client relationship management) was created to help resolve many of these issues.


Essentially, a CRM is a piece of software designed to help manage all client data and day to day activates.  That way every transaction or appointment was recorded and easily assessable later. This ability allowed for time to be saved within certain areas, giving a smooth flow to your business. With the popularity of this new system, many dealerships began to invest in them.

Now what are some of the ways that CRM can help streamline all of your business? Looking at the software itself. You will see that as an administrator, you can view all going on of the business. Seeing what kind of traffic your business has seen or what has happened in the past. You can even customize the system itself for different departments, allowing them to better utilize the software for their given task.

Other things that you can use this program for is inputting and scanning information, for a quicker turn around rate. With optical scanners that can capture multiple driver’s licenses at any given time. You can even set forms to a quick print page as another means to cut down on time. It is even said to shave about forty-five minutes from the overall transaction. But, these are just a few of the ways a CRM can help you with your business.

Finding business is the next step for a CRM. Because now that you have everything streamlined, you can now seek more clients and reach them in ways you could not before. For instance, time management. Before CRMs you wouldn’t have time to follow up on leads or give curtesy call to previous clients. Now you can and you are able to send pre-recorder calls to customers or use the Dealer Dial feature that helps preform customer follow up calls.

There is quite a benefit to utilizing a CRM as a dealership. Not having one can cause you to lose out on potential clients. Either by not reaching out to them or not being as available to them. CRM programs are here to prevent that and save you a lot of headaches in the end. Even if you are not a dealerships CRMs have many other applications then just cars.