Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Finding Prescription Safety Glasses

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you know that finding safety glasses or sunglasses with your prescription isn’t always easy. Many people choose to wear contacts while wearing safety glasses or sunglasses, which is an option for some people. For other people, they cannot, or choose not to wear contacts. There are also certain jobs that make it difficult, or unwise, to wear contacts at certain times. For those people, the only solution has been to wear glasses underneath their safety glasses. It’s clunky and uncomfortable. Safety glasses or sunglasses with your prescription are the best solution. They provide the safety or sun protection that you need, while also allowing you to see clearly. If you need prescription glasses, especially safety glasses, they can be difficult to find. There are not many companies which produce high quality specialised eyewear for using with specific prescriptions. Searching for the right optometrist can be difficult, so here are a few tips.

Look at Their Other Clients

If an optometrist is making something as specialised as prescription safety glasses, they are likely searching for contracts with businesses as well as individuals. Businesses need to be able to send their employees to a trustworthy doctor for prescription sunglasses in Perth. So, if you are looking for an optometrist, look for one that has contracts with large firms. If their clients are high-level firms, who work in such areas as construction or trades, you can be assured that they are providing the highest level of optometry, and that you will find the safety wear that you need. For example, military service members often have their own type of health insurance that is distinct and separate from civilian health insurance. If an optometrist has a contract with one of the health insurance companies providing coverage for veterans, and active duty service members, you can trust that they are providing the highest quality eyecare. The defence sector does not cut corners or compromise on quality.

Look at Reviews

The company you choose should display reviews on their website. These will tell you how satisfied their previous customers have been with their service and quality of product. Obviously, the reviews they choose to highlight will mainly reflect positively on the company, so look for reviews that are not found solely on the company’s website. Also, look at the particulars of the reviews. If someone is complimenting some particular feature and that comment is echoed by others, there’s likely a lot of truth there. Also, you can look for reviews from third-party websites to help you determine the quality of service. You should be very sceptical of these online reviews, not everyone who leaves reviews is being honest. However, the truth will likely be found in the specifics.

Keep an eye on specifics in reviews and see if they match with other reviews. If you see the same things over and over, there’s most likely truth to the statement. Also, remember to look at the other contracts that an optometry firm has. Finding safety glasses or sunglasses in your prescription can be difficult. If you follow these steps, you are likely to find a great pair of glasses.