Friday 25 May 2018
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How to Plan the Perfect Tailgating Party

Football tailgating season is just around the corner and it’s never too early to plan for a great tailgating party with friends and family. If you’re fortunate enough to own a truck – this is the premier vehicle to take to an afternoon of tailgating. Pack the kids, grandkids and the rest of the family in a separate vehicle. No doubt the bed of your truck will be filled with an assortment of items to make a memorable tailgating party!  Surprise the kids with new outfits in their favorite team colors for the day!

Start making lists! Plan your menu several days in advance. Select items that will withstand the heat. Finger foods are always a great choice as guests tend to just nosh throughout the party. Instead of combining ice for drinks with ice for the cooler, consider freezing 6-8 water bottles to use in the cooler.  This will keep items cold without the mess of the melting ice.  You can also freeze small water balloons in your team’s colors – just in case anyone doubted which side you’re on! To keep items warm in a cooler, put several bricks in the oven at home on low temperature for about an hour and them wrap them with cloth tea towels and place in the cooler. You now have a warming oven!

Use cardboard six pack containers to keep condiments organized. Bring plenty of paper towels and water. Noon-alcoholic hydration is key for such a long day.  Bring helium balloons in your team colors to tie from your truck to make it easy for your guests to locate your spot. Bring plenty of chairs and stools, sitting down after a heavy meal is always welcome!

Extra jumper cables, trash bags and a sprig of rosemary for the grill should add the finishing touches to your game day. Invite your friends and family, root for your team and make memories that will last for a life time. Many hands will make clean up easy and having appointed a designated driver before the festivities will ensure everyone returns home safely.  Go team!