Friday 25 May 2018
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Sourcing Replacement Car Parts

When buying replacement car parts, there is an alternative to new components, with wrecking companies providing genuine second-hand parts for a range of different makes and models. Many vehicles are extensively damaged and so it is not an option to repair them, they invariably end up at the car-wrecker’s yard, where any components that can be reused are removed, cleaned and checked for any problems. The parts are then stored and sold to car owners or garages.

355d383263e9d5e8c71129229c0a73c8  Expensive replacements

Manufacturers endorse genuine parts and because of this, they are able to control the prices. With this in mind, if you are looking for BMW wreckers in Perth, a quick online searchand you will find the perfect place for all your parts requirements, at a much cheaper price.


Front and rear-end collisions

Many cars suffer extensive damage to either the front or back, which leaves a majority of the vehicle in good working order. All serviceable parts will be removed and after thorough checking, will be catalogued and ready for resale at reasonable cost. Most cars that suffer heavy damage will end up at a car-wrecking yard for this very reason.

Conserving resources and energy

By reusing car parts from inoperable vehicles, you are making a valuable contribution to energy conservation, as well as promoting a healthier environment. All the remnants of a disused car will be recycled in the proper manner, causing no harm to the environment.

carcare_209117_600Obsolete parts

Many car manufacturers discontinue supplies of parts after a few years and this can lead to a challenge when sourcing that essential component. By using the services of an established car-wrecking company, you can find any part, no matter how rare it might be. A good online supplier will be able to tell you if they stock your required part, simply by filling out an online request form. Once located, your component can be shipped to you, or you can visit the wrecker’s premises and collect the part yourself.

Vehicle-PartsAn affordable solution

All car manufacturers will state that genuine parts should be used with their vehicles. The reason for this is that many component manufacturers copy an original design and sell this as a genuine part. The materials used to make the component may be of inferior quality and this could cause damage to the car, or even an accident. If you buy your spare parts from a wrecking yard that have removed them from the damaged vehicle, then you can be sure the parts are genuine. With so many makes and models of automobiles in circulation today, you may have to search a little in order to find the right supplier, but once you have located a company that deals in your particular make and model, then sourcing parts in the future is no longer a problem.

Guaranteed quality

Recycled car components are rigidly tested before being accepted for resale. This gives the consumer confidence that the parts are not only genuine, but they are also in good working order. So, the next time you need to replace something on your car, visit your local car-wrecking company who will have the right component at a reasonable price.