Friday 25 May 2018
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The UK’s Supplier of Cat Forklifts is Always Ready to Go the Extra Mile

An example of fair cooperation and true involvement with the details of customer’s operation to offer just the right solutions has been recently shown by Impact, the UK’s exclusive dealer of Cat industrial trucks.

The order for updating the fleet of material handling machines came from Lemonpath Contract Packing & Logistics, an international logistics company. Its main business concern is contract packing operation. Besides, the company is active in providing storage services across its numerous sites. The sphere of logistics is known for being time-sensitive. That is why Lemonpath Contract Packing & Logistics was attracted by Impact’s flexible contract approach. According to the signed agreement, the supplier of Caterpillar forklifts will manage the demand for additional industrial equipment in case of necessity in the form of mere bolt-on provisions. Such a decision was triggered by the peculiarity of Lemonpath Contract Packing & Logistics, which regularly has seasonal periods of peak demand.

As for the machines being supplied, there are six GP18NTD counterbalance lift trucks, powered by gas and six NR16N2 reach trucks. These twelve Cat trucks are hired under a long-term agreement and are acceptable for all-inclusive maintenance service. The vehicle choice was made after the operation analysis conducted by the Cat dealer. The range of issues for consideration included the number of hours in use per day and per week, the area of transport activities and its main purposes.

Impact’s hire package involves comprehensive on-site check-ups, arranged by the dealer’s specially-trained engineers. This measure meets the demand for high availability of the handling fleet that is the core of the packing business. Thus, any potential malfunctions can be spotted before they become real problems.