Friday 25 May 2018
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What you Want to Know about the Nissan Maxima 4 Door Sports Car

Nissan has some exciting things happening in their lineup for 2016 vehicles. One of those is the Nissan Maxima Four Door Sports car. This is an brand-new model and it is the eighth generation in the Maxima. For additional info on the Nissan Maxima as well as other terrific Nissan vehicles be sure to visit Torrance Nissan.

You are likely to hear this vehicle called the 4DSC which stands for Four Door Sports Car. It is a great combination of a sports vehicle plus a sedan. The chassis of the five passenger sedan gets its power from an updated 300 hp 3.5 L V-6 and contains a much more rigid chassis. Furthermore, it has an Xtronic transmission. It comes with a very impressive list of standard features that new purchasers of this vehicle are going to be most impressed with.

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This vehicle is going to be obtainable in five grades. With each one of them being loaded with some great features. Though there will not be any options you will have a few select accessories for individuals who want them.

As with every Nissan vehicles this one is built with safety being the priority. It possesses the predictive forward collision warning, as well as the intelligent cruise control. Added to these safety measures is definitely the foreword emergency braking as well as the rear cross traffic alert, and also the blind spot warning. These security features are standard on each of the up level grades.

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As the durability and endurance in the vehicle is most important, the stunning sporty look on this vehicle is absolutely creating plenty of buzz together with the consumers that are looking for a vehicle that is sports minded and definitely will still meet the requirements of the family in the form of a sedan. The majority are saying that it offers at first glance an inside interior that is about the same level as any of the luxury vehicles. This is a vehicle that is certainly impressive both inside and out and posseses an affordable price. To see all that Nissan provides be sure to take a look at