What to Do When You’ve Been in a Trucking Accident

Some of the worst accidents on the roads today are those that involve trucks. All kinds of trucks. From 18-wheelers, to mid-weight, to dump trucks, almost all of them are much heavier and larger than passenger cars and vans. This means that the outcome of a truck accident usually entails the passenger vehicle coming out on the losing end. Most result in injuries of varying seriousness.

Below are some of the main truck manufacturers with some info about them. But the question is, what do you do when you’re involved in a truck accident? Honestly, the very first thing you should do after the police have been called and injuries have been tended to, is to call a good truck accident lawyer. They can advise what to do before even leaving the scene of the accident to ensure that the evidence is kept intact, and that the proper precautions are taken.

Western Star

Western Star is a premium truck manufacturer, designing trucks that provide first class comforts and features. While they build trucks for use in heavy duty operations, their design philosophy ensures that their trucks are comfortable to ride in. Their vocational and long haul application custom heavy duty trucks are distinctive and of high quality. The Western Star 5964 is semi trailer truck which is powered by a diesel Cummins.

Daimler Trucks

The North American division of Daimler trucks has projected a growth of 24.9 per cent compared to last year’s in sales, citing the recovery of the U.S. economy as a springboard this year. The CEO and President of DTNA, Martin Daum, said that heir sales success last year had outdone the development witnessed in the market. In America as well as in NAFTA, they are a market leader in the medium and heavy duty truck segment ranging in Class 6-8. They have a market share of 31.6 per cent in NAFTA. They also increased their share by 2 per cent compared to last year’s ratings.

Mack Trucks

Mack trucks are a subsidiary of the AB Volvo Co. This brand is popular for its lineup of on road and vocational trucks which range from Class 8 to Class 13 depending on their weights. Some of the applications for which their trucks cater to include heavy haul, highway, refuse and construction applications. They are one of the most popular manufacturers in the US when it comes to off road heavy duty trucks. The Mack DM600 is one of the oldest models of the brands construction trucks. This truck was built to perform better and faster.

Volvo Trucks

One of the biggest manufacturers of global trucks, Volvo trucks are today only the second in the industry when it comes to producing heavy trucks as well as providing transport solutions to the industry. Their trucks designed for heavy haulage purposes. They meet this design, however without sacrificing on the safety, quality and without posing a negative impact on the environment than is necessary.

Sterling trucks manufactured custom medium duty trucks and vocational heavy duty trucks and tractors. They were the North American division of Daimler’s subsidiary, and were originally a division of the Ford Co. By the year 2008, however, Daimler announced that they were discontinuing Sterling trucks as they tried to consolidate their truck manufacturing business in North America under Western Star and Freightliner trucks.

Ford Trucks

Ford continues to remain the popular automobile manufacturers after all these years and other than their best selling Ford F-150 truck; they also have many other quality trucks to offer. Ford trucks are known for their ruggedness and work truck capabilities as well as being stylish and attractive. Ford builds many different types of trucks which are used for commercial as well as work purposes. Being in the industry for more than a century, has also given them the advantage and experience of knowing what their consumers want and how to make their trucks more efficient.